Photography Requests for Professional Photographers

Daily Photo Pass Application & Guidelines

Capitol Market provides a beautiful setting for all visitors to enjoy. We recognize that the property in all seasons is an ideal backdrop for capturing memories and photos, especially for professional photographers. Capitol Market encourages that pursuit and is happy to provide that setting. In fact, the market receives numerous requests to use and photograph the indoor and outdoor areas. Therefore, a photography policy has been developed to ensure all visitors, guests, tenants, and outdoor growers have a picture perfect day at Capitol Market!

The following individuals/groups are NOT required to apply for a daily photo pass:

Tourists, families, couples, school groups, tour bus groups, and guests for private functions are NOT subject to photography applications or fees. Photo session fees are not required for scheduled special occasions when an event agreement has been signed with Capitol Market. Professional photographers and videographers shooting on behalf of Capitol Market, and for promotional use by Capitol Market, are NOT required to pay the $25 daily fee.

Other paid, professional photographers who don’t fall within the guidelines above must submit an application and fee for their private photo shoots, and make appropriate arrangements with market management, visit this website.


  • Photographers who are paid for their services will be required to fill out an application and submit the application fee to market management in Capitol Market’s office, located at the east end of the market next to Soho’s.


  • Photographers are required to make arrangements for their scheduled shoot(s) with market management at least 48 hours prior to the photography session to ensure the availability of the property so there are no conflicts with previously scheduled events.


  • This includes paid, professional photographers who plan to take posed photos (including but not limited to family portraits, weddings, engagement sessions, proms, graduation pictures, holiday pictures, senior photos, or any picture where the photographer is directing the model/subjects).


Please Click Here to Access the Application, Guidelines, and Directions for Submission.