Hernshaw Farms Mushroom Bowl


1/4 lb Hernshaw mushrooms

1 t garlic from The Purple Onion

1 t ginger from The Purple Onion

1/4 cup soy sauce from Sushi Garden

1 Lime, juice

1 T sesame seeds from Sushi Garden

1/4 package rice noodles soaked in cold water from Sushi Garden

1 T shaved carrot

1 T shaved cabbage from John Crihfield Farms & Greenhouses

1 T shaved onion from John Crihfield Farms & Greenhouses

Cooking oil as needed

Hernshaw Farms Mushroom Bowl

Pre-soak noodles in cold water and cut/tear vegetables to prep. In large pan, sauté everything together beginning with mushrooms.


Serve with selected wine pairings from The Wine Shop!


Thank you to Barkadas for sharing this recipe. Mushrooms are available from Hernshaw Farms through The Purple Onion, Turnrow, and  Hernshaw Farms directly!


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Recipe by:

Chef Paul Smith