The Pitch Burger & Homemade Pickles



1 burger bun buttered and grilled

6 oz Johnnie’s ground chuck (80/20 ratio), smash style griddled

2 Slices of Gritt’s Heirloom tomato

Shredded Gritt’s farms lettuce

2 Tablespoons Pitch Sauce or Thousand Island dressing

4 slices of homemade pickles

2 slices white American cheese

JQ Dickinson Salt and Pepper to taste



2 to 3 Pickling Cucumbers, Preferably in Season

Roughly 1.5 Tbsps. of The Purple Onion Pickling Spice

Roughly 2 tsp. of White Granulated Sugar

JQ Dickinson Salt and Pepper to Taste

1/3 Cup Mother Shrub Salted Honey Drinking Vinegar



The Pitch Burger

Directions: Heat a cast-iron griddle or large heavy skillet over medium-high until very hot, about 2 minutes, then lightly brush with oil. Form beef into a mound, do not patty.

Place on griddle and smash flat with a spatula to form patties. Season liberally with JQ Dickinson salt and pepper and cook, undisturbed, until outer edges are brown, about 2 minutes. Flip patties (do not smash any further) season with salt, and place slices of cheese on top of patty. Cook until cheese droops and burgers are medium-rare, about 1 minute. Follow Chef Paul’s finger test as seen on Episode 1 of Let’s Get Cooking 2020 for a rare, medium, or well burger.

Assemble The Pitch burger with the remaining ingredients and serve alongside fresh Capitol Market veggies or your favorite local potato chips.


Homemade Pickles with Mother Shrub Drinking Vinegar

Directions: Slice cucumbers using a mandolin, using care and watching your fingertips, for thin, uniform slices and place into a medium sized mixing bowl. Add the pickling spice, sugar, salt, and pepper. Pour the drinking vinegar over the mixture and combine. Allow pickles to chill for at least 30 minutes prior to serving, either by themselves or atop The Pitch Burger. Pickles will keep if stored tightly covered in refrigerator for up to three days.


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Recipe by:

Chef Paul Smith